Industrial quality dry-running reciprocating compressors: KCTD and KCT series

High-quality compressed air for industrial applications

The dry-running reciprocating compressors of the KCTD and KCT series are designed and constructed for demanding industrial applications. Kaeser offers a broad spectrum of products to companies with high compressed air quality standards; we draw on this extensive range to create customised compressed air stations to meet our customers' individual requirements.

We offer three design versions:

  • Compact individual units consisting of a compressor and an air receiver (horizontal or vertical orientation)
  • For fail-safe reliability: Dual units comprising two compressors and an air receiver
  • For integration into individual or existing systems: Integrated base-mounted units

All versions are equipped with energy-efficient direct drive and cover the following performance spectrum:

  • Pressure: 7/10 bar
  • Flow rate: 59 – 920 l/min

Your advantages

  • Maintenance becomes an afterthought
    Our dry-running compressors have low maintenance requirements. No oil changes are needed and the direct drive itself is completely maintenance-free.
  • Long service life thanks to low speed:
    Thanks to operation at just 1500 strokes per minute our compressors ensure low energy consumption and exceptional durability.
  • Our machines are capable of full performance immediately
    and do not require a running-in period. They also feature high-quality cylinders with uniform surface characteristics, so you are able to begin work immediately.
Cost-effective at all levels
Life-cycle costs

Throughout our manufacturing process, we focus on delivering products that provide exceptional reliability, long service life, low maintenance requirements and flexibility of use – which makes for highly cost-effective products and highly satisfied customers.


Product details

Technical specifications

The technical specifications can be found in this brochure: