Portable compressors with Anti-Frost Control

Portable screw compressors up to 7 m³/min

Powerful, durable and flexible – MOBILAIR portable compressors from KAESER are true all-rounders. A multitude of equipment options allow these portable compressors to be precisely configured for any application.

From all-rounder to consummate professional: A choice of various maximum pressure variants and/or compressed air treatment components means that these versatile systems can be perfectly matched to suit the needs their respective application.

Moreover, these powerful all-rounders are simple and convenient to transport. KAESER portable compressors are equipped with lifting eyes as standard; they can also be specified as stationary versions equipped with skids or machine feet, making them the perfect choice for any operating location.

MOBILAIR portable compressors are perfect for applications wherever efficiency and durability are required. These powerful all-rounders excel when working on blasting applications and crash barrier construction.

  • Flow rate up to 7 m³/min
  • Working pressure up to 10 bar

Your benefits

  • Reliable cold starts
    Reliable, gentle starts are guaranteed, even in cold temperatures, thanks to manual changeover from unloaded start to load operation and a starter switch that features a preheating function. A pressure gauge and airend discharge temperature display enable all operating status information to be viewed at a glance.
  • No more freezing of compressed air devices
    Equipped as standard, the portable compressor’s Anti-Frost Control adjusts operating temperature in relation to ambient.
  • Large tank capacity
    When full, the fuel tank has sufficient capacity to last an entire work shift. With the integrated fuel feed pump, the diesel lines can be easily bled.

Easy to operate

SIGMA CONTROL MOBIL for portable compressors from KAESER KOMPRESSOREN.

The user-friendly control panel – which can be equipped with a cover flap if required – enables all information to be viewed at a glance. Features also include automatic monitoring and shutdown in the event of a fault. Reliable, gentle starts are guaranteed, even in cold temperatures, thanks to manual changeover from unloaded start to load operation and a starter switch that features a preheating function.


Our portable screw compressors up to 7 m³/min in detail

Integrated, perfect compressed air treatment
Integrated compressed air aftercooler on the M59.

The compressed air is cooled to 7 °C above ambient temperature. The compressed air cooler is installed at an angle, allowing accumulated condensate to drain away easily, whilst the hot exhaust gases from the engine are used to aid condensate evaporation. This prevents the cooler from freezing up as a result of accumulating condensate. Additional air treatment components may need to be installed downstream from the aftercooler and centrifugal separator (e.g. filter combinations for concrete cleaning as per ZTV-ING) in order to achieve compressed air of a specified quality class.

Oil-lubricating or oil-free? – Depending on the application, MOBILAIR machines can be optionally equipped with a tool lubricator to provide oiled compressed air for lubricating air tools, or with a microfilter combination for blasting work requiring technically oil-free compressed air.

Dry compressed air – The plate-type heat exchanger reheats the cooled compressed air using heat from the compressor cooling fluid. This prevents condensation from forming outside the unit when the compressed air cools. The compressed air temperature can easily be adjusted as required from the exterior of the machine.

M57utility for crash barrier construction

This portable powerhouse is designed and optimised for permanent operation from an HGV loading bed and offers excellent accessibility to the control panel, fuel tank and oil level gauge from the front side of the unit. Moreover, with additional options such as adjustable machine feet, tool lubricator and compressed air aftercooler, it can be perfectly adapted to the individual work environment.
A large fuel tank volume of 105 litres allows long shifts of up to ten hours in continuous operation. Forklift pockets in the closed standard base frame ensure safe, dependable manoeuvrability via forklift truck.