Tools and accessories

Durable and powerful with perfect ergonomics

Even better from a single source: Kaeser compressed air tools and portable compressor accessories are perfectly tailored to work together and are manufactured to the same stringent quality standards in terms of performance, durability and ergonomics.

  • Breakers
  • Hammer drills
  • Condensate separators
  • Tool lubricators
  • Hose reels
  • Hoses, connectors, lighting cables, lubricants

Your advantages

  • Long-term savings:
    High-quality tools perfectly tailored to the compressor are a key factor for cost-effective use of compressed air tools.
  • Increased productivity:
    Ergonomic details such as shock-absorbing handles make tools easier on the user and therefore improve productivity.
  • Less damage, fewer accidents:
    Hoses left lying about are trip hazards and are easily damaged: Kaeser hose reels are a reliable solution for preventing this.

Our tools and accessories in detail

Breakers and hammer drills

Breakers (5.8 – 27.5 kg)

KAESER breakers (5.8–27.5 kg)
  • High-powered
  • Vibration-damped versions
  • Low air consumption
  • Comprehensive range of accessories

Hammer drills (8.6 – 24.4 kg)

KAESER hammer drills (8.6–24.4 kg)
  • Effortless drilling through rock and concrete
  • Robust design
  • Fixed or vibration-damped versions
  • Comprehensive range of accessories
Hose reels

Hose reels

Compressed air hose reels for MOBILAIR compressors
  • 20 metres of lightweight air hose, ready for use at any time and safely stowed
  • Protects against damage to hoses and connected tools
  • Recommended optional equipment ex works
Technical specifications

The technical specifications, as well as information regarding availability, can be found in these flyers: