Compressed air engineering advisor

Our Kaeser adviser: The right site for anyone interested in “Compressed Air” in general and who is looking for more information. The adviser provides topical information, suggestions, and professional tips.

Contents of the compressed air engineering adviser

  • What is compressed air?
  • Efficient compressed air treatment
  • Why do we need to dry compressed air?
  • Condensate and its correct, efficient drainage
  • Economical and reliable treatment of condensate
  • Efficient compressor control
  • Pressure band control:
    • Optimal coordination of compressors to meet air demand
    • Energy savings with heat recovery
  • Preventing energy losses:
    • Designing and installing a compressed air main
    • Optimising an existing air main
  • Correctly planning compressor stations:
    • Air Demand Analysis (ADA)
    • Determining the most efficient concept
    • Air demand analysis (ADA) – determining actual system state
    • Efficient compressor cooling: Air cooling
  • Using air systems correctly:
    • Safeguarding reliability and cost-optimisation over the long term