Replacement filter elements

Tested original quality

Only genuine Kaeser replacement filter elements ensure reliable filtration with minimal pressure losses.

  • Coalescence filter with matrix fibre structure
  • High efficiency even at low air volumes of only five percent of nominal flow
  • Reliable element-to-housing seal
  • Stainless steel orifice tubes, oil & acid resistant coated sleeves and end caps

Kaeser replacement filter elements are also available as modular units for other housings.

Savings-potential with timely element changes

Timely element changes (which prevent a further differential pressure increase of 200 mbar), result in energy cost savings of €864 for a 45 kW compressor.

Significant energy savings with timely filter changes
Calculation parameters: 6000 operating hours/year – energy price 0.20 € /kWh – 8% increase in electrical power consumption per 1 bar increase in differential pressure – compressor specific power 6.55 kW/(m³/min)

Reduce operating costs

A pressure loss of only approx. 0.35 bar is significantly more expensive than the costs required to change the filter element. Timely filter changes therefore save considerable operating costs.

Reduced operating costs with timely filter changes