Ten MOBILAIR M500s for nitrogen production.

Ten MOBILAIR M500-2 compressors rescue nitrogen production

Compressed air bridging in the nick of time

Owing to a system failure, a nitrogen producer in Spain required a large volume of compressed air. Dutch industrial equipment rental company EQIN, in collaboration with KAESER, was able to muster ten MOBILAIR M500-2 compressors from across Europe within three days.

The industrial equipment rental company EQIN, headquartered in the Dutch city of Rotterdam (Botlek), came to us with a request you don’t see every day: Owing to the failure of its stationary compressed air supply, a nitrogen producer in Spain had found itself in need of a whopping 22,000 cubic metres per hour of compressed air as quickly as possible, since its buffer inventory of nitrogen would last only a few days. A challenge that EQIN, in partnership with KAESER, was only too happy to accept.

Securing such a huge compressed air demand was definitely something out of the ordinary. The process would begin with the selection of the most suitable compressors and end with their delivery to the customer.
Dennis Doorduin, Technical Manager at EQIN
Cost-efficient compressed air giant

The most suitable portable compressor was quickly identified. For the enormous delivery volume required, there was really only one model worth considering: the MOBILAIR M500-2 from KAESER KOMPRESSOREN. At peak operation, this two-stage, oil-free compression rotary screw compressor achieves around 2700 cubic metres per hour at 4 to 6.9 bar. This compressed air giant not only boasts exceptional fuel efficiency, but, thanks to its low-emission drive engine, is also extremely environmentally friendly.

“The tank in the M500-2 holds sufficient fuel to last for two shifts at an average consumption of 81 litres per hour at full load,” explains Sandro Kalk, Product Specialist for Oil-Free Air and Rental at KAESER. “With the aid of an external tank, the compressor can even be run in continuous operation.” This low fuel consumption is reflected in equally low operating costs, adds the portable compressor expert.

Commissioning ten MOBILAIR systems.
Structure of the MOBILAIR systems
KAESER pulls out all the stops

Even though one of these compressed air giants delivers plenty of power on its own, for an air demand of 22,000 cubic metres per hour, 10 MOBILAIR M500-2s would need to be despatched to Spain. EQIN could provide four of these itself. The task of sourcing the other six was coordinated by KAESER. “From our headquarters in Coburg, we were able to provide three,” says Sandro Kalk. “We were able to acquire a further one from another of our rental partners.” This left a shortfall of two M500-2s. 

Pressed for time, bearing in mind the Spanish nitrogen producer needed a huge amount of compressed air immediately, KAESER proceeded to pull out all the stops. Salvation came from England. In the end, KAESER’s British distribution partner – HPC – was able to provide the final two compressors. 

Accompanying the ten compressed air giants to Spain was an experienced Service Technician from KAESER. In addition to commissioning the machines, this technician ensured that the compressed air supply ran smoothly and dependably.

The customer remained blissfully unaware of the horrendous amount of effort that had gone into organising this! Everything ran like clockwork. In collaboration with EQIN, we were able to pull off an extraordinary project like this.
Sandro Kalk, Product Specialist – Oil-Free Air and Rental at KAESER

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