Frequency-controlled ASD series rotary screw compressor with synchronous reluctance motor.
Innovation for efficiency

Our new ASD series rotary screw compressor with frequency converter now features a synchronous reluctance motor from Siemens for even greater efficiency.

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Synchronous with Siemens
Synchronous with Siemens

The synchronous reluctance motor from our co-operation partner, Siemens, fulfils the requirements of the new standard IEC 61800-9-2 and achieves top classification with IES2.

More about the series
Innovation for efficiency

Innovative drive – pure efficiency

Inconspicuous from the outside, the innovation lies inside the variable-speed rotary screw compressor, more precisely in the drive system. In close cooperation with Siemens, a brand new synchronous reluctance motor was developed and integrated into the system. This delivers significantly improved efficiency, especially in the partial load range. 

The reluctance motor and frequency converter are perfectly matched with one another and form the high-efficiency drive system of the new generation of ASD series compressors. This new system combines only the very best of both synchronous and asynchronous motors: Precision controllability combined with durability and service friendliness.

The perfect unit

With its fully integrated design, the frequency-controlled rotary screw compressor assures maximum energy efficiency, lowest energy costs and proven KAESER quality. 

ASD series rotary screw compressors with synchronous reluctance motors are classed as IES2 category machines and therefore belong to the elite efficiency class as per the IEC 61800-9-2 energy efficiency standard.

Noticeably more power

ASD series rotary screw compressor with synchronous reluctance motor is classified in the IES2 standard.

With this screw compressor series, customers around the world can now enjoy the benefits of minimum energy consumption and lowest possible operating costs - same size, even better performance. 

Due to perfect matching of the motor and frequency converter, you benefit from the following advantages:

  • Lower operating costs

  • Highest classification with IES2
  • Increased availability and service life
  • Precision controllability combined with exceptional durability